Medical Device Auditor 15

Auditor, a seasoned professional with 37 years of experience in India's medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare sectors, offers expertise in various domains. Holding a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and certifications like ISO13485 lead auditor, he excels in areas such as manufacturing operations, quality management systems, business development, and clinical-marketing operations. With a track record of establishing and managing operations for multinational companies like Murata-Vios Pvt Limited and Axio Biosolutions Pvt Limited, he brings a wealth of experience in strategizing, setting up, and managing India business operations. As an independent consultant, he supports medical device companies in achieving operational excellence and accelerated growth. His achievements include successful business strategies, quality initiatives, and global market expansions. Auditor's proficiency spans across diverse functions, making him a valuable asset in the healthcare industry.