Medical Device Auditor 2

Auditor is a highly experienced Quality Assurance Professional with 19 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organization (CRO) industries. Her extensive knowledge covers various regulatory standards, including GCP, GcLP, GMP, GDP, GSP, and GPVP. She has conducted a wide range of audits, including Investigator Site Audits, Process Audits, and Pharmacovigilance Audits, globally spanning Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. She has held significant roles at organizations such as WeCare Development, Covance/LabCorp, and PRA Health Science, where she led audit teams, provided QA support, and managed clinical operations. Yvonne is fluent in both English and Chinese, a member of RQA and DIA, and has a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Medicine from Ningxia Medical University. Her comprehensive experience and qualifications make her a prominent figure in quality assurance and compliance within her industry.