GVP Auditor 36

Auditor is an experienced professional with a background in pharmacy and extensive expertise in pharmacovigilance and quality assurance. She holds a Pharmacy PhD and has worked in various roles in reputable organizations. Currently, as Director and Consultant at Candor Vigilance Ltd., she provides global GVP auditing services and quality management system support. Prior to this, she served as Associate Director of Quality Assurance at AstraZeneca, where she managed audits and supported regulatory inspections. Jessica has a track record of developing risk assessment tools, leading process improvements, and contributing to audit readiness. Her career has spanned roles in pharmaceutical companies like Otsuka, Shire, and Mundipharma, where she excelled in PV audit management and process enhancement. Her academic background and extensive training in pharmacovigilance make her a valuable asset in the pharmaceutical industry. Jessica is also a member of professional associations and has presented her work at conferences and published research articles.